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Located within the historic Atlantic National Bank, Mariel represents a moment in Cuba’s past when time stood still. Its faded beauty and decayed elegance sets the scene for a highly curated, modern rendition of an elegant restaurant, classic cocktail bar, and vibrant lounge. With a menu that is inspired by the spirit of Cuba and its people — how they’ve evolved, reimagined, and adapted all around the world — as well as cultural influences brought by those who migrated to Cuba from faraway lands like Asia and Africa, this melting pot of island flavors is infused throughout the menu. By incorporating commonly used ingredients like the sour orange and lulo fruits, white sweet potatoes and black-eyed peas, bijol spices, and fufu dough, Mariel pays homage to the country’s rich culinary history.

At every COJE Management Group restaurant, we strive to bring our signature old-world hospitality, inspired world-class cuisine, and curated cocktails into a flawlessly designed space where the lines between bar, restaurant, and nightlife are seamlessly blurred.  

Each COJE restaurant offers a flawless transition from dinner to drinks and beyond, representing a new generation of social dining.